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About Us

FreeStyle brand

The FreeStyle butterfly symbolises hope and renewal, and now it is the inspiration for the FreeStyle brand. Lively and carefree, butterflies first find their wings after a time of great personal change. They learn their lives are different now. The comforts of one way of life are behind them, they learn to fly, and they are not alone.

This transformation is much like the kind made by everyone who finds the courage to live life to the fullest while dealing with diabetes. The FreeStyle butterfly reflects this desire as well as our commitment to you.

Through our products and services, we partner with you and your healthcare team to help bring you a sense of personal progress, so you can reach new heights and get more out of life than you ever thought possible.


Abbott entered the glucose monitoring marketplace with the acquisition of MediSense in 1996. In April 2004, Abbott announced it had completed the acquisition of TheraSense, a leader in developing glucose self-monitoring devices that require very small blood samples to deliver rapid test results, Virtually Pain-Free. The TheraSense acquisition strengthened Abbott’s position in the large and growing glucose monitoring market.


At Abbott, we believe people with diabetes should have the freedom to enjoy vigorous, active lives.Our systems help people with diabetes manage their health more effectively and comfortably with easy to-use products that provide accurate data to drive better informed decisions.

Our easy-to-use test strips require only tiny blood samples to make testing more comfortable, while our meters provide accurate results and reports for more meaningful insights, and come with a variety of features to meet the individual needs of people living with diabetes. Our new flash glucose monitoring technology, which eliminates the need for routine finger pricks, is revolutionizing the way people monitor their glucose.

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